Hi, I'm Hanna and it is pure absolute joy for me to welcome you to this website. Whether you have an experienced yoga practice, or are looking to start one and connect with yourself, you are in the right place. 

A little bit about me... I was not born with the strength and mobility that I have now. In fact, before I discovered yoga, I lived a very sedentary lifestyle and was completely out of touch with my mind and body. In other words... I had a very limited range of mobility both physically and psychologically, and most importantly...


I did not see the connection between the two. 

Over time through consistent effort and practice, I began to notice subtle changes in my body, and in how I perceived it. I realized that my body had been communicating with me my entire life! I just hadn't had the awareness to see it. It had been clearly communicating what my emotions had been convoluting for so long.


Witnessing my own transformation has made me deeply passionate about the growth of others. What I offer to my students is an alchemical process invoked by their own innate ability to heal. Physical mobility and strength are a focus, but equally are breath and stillness. Through the process of becoming the observer, we alchemize stagnant energy that shows up as limited movement and thought patterns. Awareness transmutes these patterns into something healing and revitalizing for the student. 


Yoga is a means for one to discover the interconnected nature of life, and I am truly honored to be a qualified guide to those seeking to know more of their true nature.