• hannayogilove

Books I Know & Love

Yes, yoga.... but YES to books too. Here is a list of some that have taken me to other dimensions & Beyond....

Yoga has been a huge part of my journey... but at the start of that journey were a few really thought provoking books that found me & fired me up inside and had me asking SO many questions about myself, the universe, love.... So here they are, in no particular order :)

1. Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard

This book is extremely short.... and I feel like the best books always are. It's about creating the reality you desire, and how that starts with how you feel. How you feel is EVERYTHING guys. The universe is a mirror, you will receive that which you are inside. That which you are, consists of how you feel, what you think, and what you do. The beautiful thing is, you get to choose how you feel in every moment, regardless of the external circumstances. Create what you want. It all comes from within.

2. Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Ok so this is a CLASSIC y'all. It is a 1000000% must have staple for me. Not only is the art inside absolutely divine, but the messages along with it are absolute truth. Anything Ram Dass speaks to me on a level not suitable for words. His descriptions of his meetings with his guru Maharaji are beyond for me. This book has gotten me out of some dark times and is the perfect reminder that it's all love. Highly, highly recommended.

3. The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin by P.D. Ouspensky

Another example of a short, but extremely powerful read. If you live inside your head, this is a MUST for you. I read it one weekend from cover to cover and I felt so connected to the author. Like he had been inside my soul.

4. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Hello yoga classic. This book is a work of art. It was compiled PRIOR to 400 CE. It is so much wisdom in one book. I haven't finished it personally. Sometimes I'll read one sutra, and be stuck on it for a week. It's that thought provoking. I think it's growing with me as I grow....

5. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Yes, it's a children's book But this is about books that make me FEEL and cry pretty much every time. I have vivid memories of my mom and grandma reading it to me, and I can't wait to read it to my kids one day.

6. Oneness by Rasha

This book is GOLD. It's one of the first books I've gotten into that introduced me to "modern" spirituality and the ideas of New Earth.

7. Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga by B.K. S. Iyenger

This book really is a yoga bible. But more. Iyengar writes so eloquently, and really illustrated to me see what an ART yoga truly is. I could list pages and pages of his quotes, but I'll just keep it to one, "The body is my temple, asanas are my prayers. " See.... so good.

8. A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine

I recommend this book to all of my meditation and pranayama students. When this book found me, I had no idea what meditation was. I was heartbroken and stuck in some really toxic thought patterns. This book helped me zoom out, and observe my thoughts and my breath. It was a major catalyst for me.

So that's it for now guys.. I have so many more great recommendations but I'll save them for another time.

Thank you for your presence! Peace, love, & namaste